Bedford Park 

Why Bedford Park Associates?

⊚Hands on experience in both business and technology aspects of financial services

⊚Capabilities to deal with the C-level of an organization through to DBAs, understanding their respective domains, speaking their language, and translating between business and IT groups

⊚Specialists at narrowing the gap between strategic concepts and tactical blueprints for more effective implementation adoptions

⊚Business, technology, and consulting experience in both public and alternative/private asset challenges from front-to-back office

⊚Seasoned at challenges and solutions for local/departmental issues as well as global/enterprise-wide challenges such as data and architecture

⊚Diligent about keeping abreast on common/best practices to ensure client solutions are strategically aligned with industry initiatives

⊚BPA focus on the long-term relationship with clients in the industry, not the short-term deal/revenue opportunities

⊚Our straightforward advice is what our clients need to know, not always what they want to hear

⊚Client discretion is one of core values, providing clients a comfort level on confiding in our staff